Monday, September 6, 2010

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Beta 2010

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Beta 2010
pC | English | Developer: Eden Games | Publisher: ATARI | 3.51 GB
Genre: Racing / Simulator / MMORPG

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Basic steps Test Drive Unlimited 2 The events unfolding on the island of Ibiza. You have a
unique opportunity to feel as a driver living in a quiet corner of the Spanish called Ibiza . But do not
think that the game be limited to mere Ibiza . After reaching a certain level in the game , will bring you
back to Oahu, the island from the first part of the game.

The game belongs to the genre MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing) - a massive open online racing . All you could do in single player mode the game just became available and online .

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