Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Madden NFL 11 - PSP

Madden NFL 11 - PSP
Release: 10 Aug 2010
Genre: Sports (Football Sim)
Developer: EA Tiburon
Language: English
Size: 497MB

In the light there was a new simulator of American football. Now players will get even more opportunities to influence the outcome of the match. While most of us much closer to the usual football, there are among us and the fans of American football, the best simulator which has for a long time is a series of Madden NFL. Try on my own experience what it means to fight for every yard, in Madden NFL 11. Thanks to the latest animation technologies outcome of each game depends on you.
System requirements: 5.00M33 and above
Network Mode: Present
Multiplayer: Present

Extras. Information:
How to start:
1. Connect your PSP to your PC
2. Copy the downloaded file in the folder X: / ISO (Where X is the letter of your CD)
3. Run from the menu Game
4. Enjoy the game

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