Sunday, August 22, 2010

Conflict: Desert Storm II

Conflict: Desert Storm II
Genre: Modern Tactical Shooter
Publisher: AGotham Game
Developer: Pivotal Game
Language: English
Platform : PC game
Size: 115 Mb
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Military themed Mission/objection orientated, the title will find gamers in control of a squad battling the Iraqi war machine in numerous environments. Sand will be a big feature. Set further behind enemy lines, danger will be greater this time around.


* Test yourself as you fight to survive in the desert, 300 clicks from the heart of Saddam Hussein's power.

* Cunning enemy AI will challenge you at every step as you face 10 dangerous missions.

* You're in command for everything from a POW prison break to an all-out tankbattle.

* Use the unique skills of elite specialists in sniping, explosives & demolitions to coordinate strikes on enemy positions

* Play as the US Delta force or the British SAS.

Hardware Requirements
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium III 700MHz or faster
64MB memory
1GB hard drive space
32MB 3D video accelerator
4x CD-ROM drive

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