Monday, July 26, 2010

Air Aces Pacific v1.01 Update

 Air Aces Pacific v1.01 Update-SKIDROW
First update for this game. You can grab the game here. Of course, don’t forget to read the NFO about change log.

You Can get the full game from here.
  Air Aces: Pacific v1.01 Update                                
      patch 1.01:                                                   
      - improved look of water                                      
      - improved behavior of water                                  
      - improved connection between land and water                  
      - improved sky                                                
      - moon added in night missions                                
      - added more diverse vegetation on islands                    
      - improved ships lighting                                     
      - soft shadows added                                          
      - improved ships firing                                       
      - improved shading on island                                  
      - improved look of roofs                                      
      - ships level od detail changed                               
      - fire and smoke added to shooted away parts of the plane     
      - amount of details increased in game menu                    
      - changed water reflections                                   
      - clouds graphic changed                                      
      - improved look of the game on low details                    
      - optimized display of the island terrain                     
      - particles now displayed more properly                       
      - object's shadow building improved                           
      - post-process system changed                                 
      - sfx balance fixed                                           
      - improved flares behavior during collision with water        
      - corrected brightness of ships when a rocket closing in      
      - corrected sun flares                                        
      - corrected radial blur of the plane position                 
      - corrected awards display after end of the mission           
      - corrected a bug that sometimes caused wrong collison        
        detection for the bullets                                   
      - corrected mission 10                                        
      - corrected mission 13                                        
      - corrected mission 15                                        
      - corrected problems with loading explosion gfx               
      - corrected problem with wrong clouds colour display on ATI   
      - fixed problems with wrong display of bullets on ATI cards   
      - fixed loading sfx files                                     
      - plane speed display corrected                               
      - lighting now behaves properly when game pasued              
      - improved torpedo/rocket camera behavior                     
      - AA turrets now visible on map                               
      - flight steering slightly corrected                          
      - changed information about secondary targets                 
      - carrer points system improved                               
      - improved targeting in zoom mode (after pressing space)      
      - achievment points balanced                                  
      - building collisions improved                                
      - shock wave range increased                                  
      - bullets trajectory calculated earlier                       
      - improved enemy planes AI                                    
      - improved AA-turrets AI                                      
      - improved AI pathfinding                                     

Install Notes
1. Unpack the included rar files. 
 2. Run Air_Aces_Pacific_Setup_1.01.exe and install
3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your main installation directory and overwrite.
4. Play the game


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